1. ICBC made me an offer but I don't know if it's fair. What should I do?

    I would be pleased to assist you. I will need to interview you about the car accident, and then review all relevant medical documents. I will give you my opinion as to whether the offer is fair and reasonable.

  2. ICBC is saying that I am at fault for the car accident. What should I do?

    My staff and I can help by gathering information and interviewing witnesses. I will give you my opinion as to whether a judge would think you were at fault. I can present the information I've gathered to ICBC to assist in negotiating a fair settlement for you.

  3. I'm off work because of my injuries. How can I afford a lawyer?

    I enter into a contract with you called a Contingency Fee Agreement. That means that I don't get my legal fees paid until I negotiate a settlement for you, or obtain an award of damages at trial. My legal fees will be a percentage of the settlement amount.

  4. I don't really want to go to trial. If I hire a lawyer does that mean I have to?

    I am able to negotiate a fair settlement without needing to go to trial on almost all of my cases. I can accomplish this by means of a more formal process such as a mediation, or informally by means of telephone and e-mail.

  5. My English is not good. Do you have an interpreter?

    I can obtain the services of an interpreter in most languages. I have had clients whose first language is Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, French, Spanish, Polish, Croatian, Hindi and Punjabi.


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